This is one of my on-going 'little projects'. Since I have a social life and a job (job, that is such a lifeless term - I should say career), I don't have time to work on this 'little project' as much as I would like...but it has come together nicely. Now that I've told you I have a career, I bet you are wondering exactly what I do for a living.

Well, let's just say...I am a professional taxpayer. I know that is a little evasive, but do you really expect me to divulge everything? Jeez, some people! Although I won't tell you where I'm employed, I will tell you I enjoy doing what I do...it's good to be employed, but it's great to be employed doing something you enjoy. OK, enough about that subject.

On a more personal note...I'm a very happy, self-governing person who enjoys life to the fullest. I've reached this point in my life because I've made a concerted effort to free myself of bad elements - negative people, places and things.

In my down time, I mostly relax, read and surf the Net. I love watching movies, playing computer games, traveling and spending time with family & friends.

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